mandag den 12. marts 2012

Conkeror - a nice graphical browser

Okay a long time since I have written anything here, this will just be a short post.
All the real meat is on another page over here
Actually it is about a nice webbrowser that I really like.

lørdag den 16. juli 2011

Linux for cracking ?

Today I just happened to get a question about what version of linux works best with cracking software, or should I use the other term, penetration testing software, my first bid was to go with backtrack, as they include most of that software directly in the package, however if you are already familiar with some other linux system you should just use that.
I used to be happy with gentoo, but somehow I always mess those systems up, so I consider to turn to ubuntu as that is really nice as well, I just dont really like all the virtual crap gnome force on your pc, but it is a lot nicer to have all the tools you want directly in, not having to remember where you put everything.

But back to the point, I just want to make you aware of a new series of posts I want to put up here, and making you aware that I am writing an ebook about linux on my youpublish site 
I am also writing other things related to interely different subjects, but I think you would like that ebook, most of my not so long books are really cheap or free.

torsdag den 2. september 2010

Not writen for a while.

Well as I have not written for a while as I have not really had a lot to write about, but perhaps I should try to find something to write about, right now I am really more concentrating about playing chess and taking care of my kitten. Who ironicly enough likes jumping around my keyboards, which can tend to make my life a little difficult when I am sitting at my computer.
Now that I come to think about it I do actually have tried something new which was nice, the INX remix of ubuntu you can find more information on I think the website was. Try to check that out.

mandag den 16. august 2010

My reason for choosing linux.

Well some people prefer to try and compare Gnu/Linux with windoze. However I don't wonna do that as I really dislike windows I might not really give a fair chance in such comparison., I prefer to do something else entirely.
I would like to describe some of the reasons for choosing Gnu/Linux over windows.
Lets just take 5.

1. The freedom of choice

2. The ability to use old computers

3. Better software 

4. The  price

5. Stability

Now I will explain some of the claims.
The first one with freedom of choice is really simply, with linux (of course Gnu/Linux but from now on refered to as simply linux), that is I can choose what distribution I want. And I can choose what Interface I want to use, even if I just want text. also I do not need a lot of bloatware (although some distros like to include some non needed software)

The small amounts of memory means I can still use an very old computer 512MB 2.8Ghz Pentium 4 Dual core, with a totally nice performance although it doesn't do very much.
I have a lot of old computers which all runs perfectly nice with linux and I think would be very tight if I put windows on them, the non graphical interface on them doesn't pull much either.

Well the better software might be a little far fetched if you have never tried any quality software - when people like to write software and not doing it for a living they tend to generate better results. Have you ever tried Emacs for instance which is a totally awesome piece of software created by GNU, it is far superior to all the editors available on the windows platform, it is a lifestyle.
Well anyway some software on linux are quite bad as well.

The price should be self explanatory.

I find that linux is much better in terms of stability as virus writers do not really write so much for linux just now, it might just be easier for them to write for windows. But ofcause I do not know all that much about this.
If you have some other reasons put them down in the comments

lørdag den 14. august 2010

Just tried a great graphical WM.

Well even though I have a graphical WM, doesn't mean that it is likely for me to get into using it on all my computers.
I mean I like my screen setup, and I still only need one with something graphical, and this is my windows box, or it used to be. (I am still guilty of having it as a dual boot.)
But what I tried was this ratpoison (well at first, only when I began searching for something else I found this Stumpwm, which so happens to be the better ratpoison.

That is a picture from what I have come to understand is the maintainers setup.
At least this is at the official stumpwm website.
It is a lot like ratpoison only better.
There is still no rodent in it.
And this is running on my laptop I should probably do a configuration file for it.
I really like this as it is easier to find the resize command.
^t r
if you wonder.
the rest are also easy to find.
^t ^h

If you head to google, you can find some other screenshots.

My most used non-graphical apps.

Well most people have a list of their favorite application and here is mine.
Let us just do a top 5.
1. Gnu Screen
2. Gnu Emacs
3. Gnu mc (Midnight Commander)
4. mocp
5. lynx/links (depends what I have to do, if I need to find a file to download I usually use links or elinks, but if I am browsing I like lynx better as it seems smarter about figuring the size and formatting websites correct)

Gnu Screen

I like this piece of software because it really lets me get active and control much more than a usual "window" as I can have several open "screens" and also have several on the "window" and I have mine patched so I can do vertical splits.
And I can do a lot of things (though I still use the usual window for viewing video or browsing with image support, need to figure out how to get screen to support that.

Gnu Emacs 

Well this is just really great as I like to keep it open all the time, I no great of vi as I seem to think of the "command" mode to get in my way all the time, I really dislike that I don't know what mode I am in, emacs solves this with the ^x keybinding which I like a lot better. (screen uses ^a which doesn't clobber with any of emacs keys.)
Also I like the ability to run a shell session inside of emacs, and thus being able to compile (I am aware that Vi uses can do the :! gcc options sourcecode, I just like emacs better)

Gnu mc

Well it is a gnu application :-) shouldn't that qualify it to be on this automatically ?
Nah it is really awesome I would consider using this as my default filebrowser for any system text or graphics based doesn't matter, this is just the best app for managing file. (okay gentoo in a graphical environment gets the job done as well, that one is also quite nice.)
I think this is even ported to windows as windows commander.

#look fundamentaly like mc so there is not much to see.#
my music client, it just does that job nice I don't need to stare at the interface all the time I can just call that when I need to start another song or stop the playback, also support network streaming.

#Click that link there are a lot of stuff, if you want more :-) I think I will wonna read that in the future.#
#There are also some pictures of both browsers#
They are both pretty awesome but I use them a bit differently lynx is mainly for the use of browsing in a little screen, or if I need to get some torrent downloaded, lynx is nice with downloading small files, links are mainly used for downloading big files which I am not quite sure about the location else wget is a safe bet.

This is my collection of favorite apps. What are yours

fredag den 13. august 2010

Ratpoison the graphical "screen"

Hmm since I do not really wonna have a graphical environment this post isn't really something I feel that warm about, however I think it is worth to mention Ratpoison -> it is a good WM for laptops.
However there are also a lot of programs that works like screen, which just use a different set of keybindings.
And I do not really wonna go through all of them here.
I just feel that if I ever should take up a graphical environment it could be a good bet that I would probably choose Ratpoison (I don't like rats either :-)).

I must say I begin to wonder if I couldn't just use screen in X :-)
that would be a little nice as I would still get mainly text based apps but the ability to run apps I would like which require X would be there.
I might wonna bring my laptop into the linux world with a dualboot, just to try some of these crazy ideas.
As I use some websites I still need to find a way to use in a text only installation, also a flash installation would be nice as I sometimes happen to browse The Tube, but that is probably not so easy.
Well you might just wonna look into Ratpoison which I would probably end out using as graphical if I ever need that. (right now I am using a windows box.